The Siliconvict

The Siliconvict

Hey Convict, welcome.

Background Check

I am greatly interested in building companies. You won’t find my name in many Techcrunch articles though, as I'm mostly a work-in-the-shadows kind of person. Here's my highlight reel:

  • I was the 10th employee at Eventbrite ($EB:NYSE), going from a $4M valuation to $700M.
  • I was the founding engineer at Reforge, going from ~$0 valuation to 9 figures.
  • I founded Shortcut, raising $1M after completing Techstars. Failed though. Still hurts.
  • Recently, I am the founder of Casting Call Club, bootstrapped to about 500k users.
  • I'm an angel investor. Some public ones that went big: Synthetix, Hifi Finance, Zilliqa, Harmony, Kraken. (See a trend?)

If I'm usually the man behind the curtain, why write a blog?

The serious side of dad jokes.

The people who worked with me at these companies know me as a comedian, sometimes even aloof. “Quit your job immediately if you don’t have fun doing it,” I always tell people, typically when they’re just about to be fired.


I have a problem. I struggle putting myself out there. Half way through a sentence I realize the absurdity of trying to change someone else’s mind and I tire. Years of this has led me to slowly lose my ability to crystalize ideas in front of others. Therefore, this blog is really just for me. It’s a big exercise to relearn public influence.

If you tell a joke and no one laughs but you, either the content or the delivery was bad. I know from my career history that I’ve got pretty good content.

But let me tell you, my delivery needs a midwife.

This blog is about hustle.

There’s no better way to put it. My one good skill is identifying opportunities, so that’s what I’ll offer.

Here are some sample topic areas:

  1. I’ll go over decisions in various situations - like choosing Eventbrite over Apple/Google, recognizing a market for Casting Call Club, when to angel invest, or even logic behind choosing a spouse or place to live.
  2. I’ll talk about strategies around early-stage company success - such as cutting corners to determine the right course, growth and retention insights when finding product/market fit, data pipelines, managing a team, and especially technology.
  3. I will rage sometimes about injustices in the world - like prisons and wealth inequality. Are you a felon, an immigrant, impoverished, live in the wrong country? I’ve collected some lessons over the years from people that inspire the shit out of me. I myself was pardoned of a felony conviction and called an abandoned car my home once. These injustices will give you more fuel that you can ever burn to achieve your successes.

My ask.

Email me and tell me what you think. ex @ siliconvict dot com


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